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Mai 2006

From:           "Olga" <olgabash@mailrus.ru>
To:             undisclosed-recipients
Subject:        AW:[1]:
Date sent:      Thu, 18 May 2006 18:38:32 +0400
Send reply to:  olgabash@mailrus.ru 

Dear Friends,

My name is Olga, I live in a small Russian city and I'm a student. 
I study in a Faculty of Elementary Education, in our local Pedagogical 
University. I will be working as a teacher in the elementary school 
after I finish the studies.

My personal hobbies are reading, listening to music and sport. I like cats 
and dogs and we have one cat and one dog in our family. When I have a free 
time I make beautiful paintings with the views of our beautiful nature. 

Unfortunately, the situation is very difficult now in our country due to 
crisis. It is also very difficult in our family. Our father don't live 
with us and recently my mother lost her job due to her age. I work very 
hard when I have free time from the studies and exams, but our manager 
pays me a very small salary which allows only to stay alive and not to 
die from hunger.

It remains me a little more than 2 years until I will finish the studies 
and then I will be able to work a full time and support me and my family. 
But now I don't have such a possibilty. Besides, I will need to pay for 
education very soon and we don't have such a possibility anymore. 

I'm very afraid to lose my education, because it is the only hope for a 
good life in the future. Therefore I decided to appeal to you with hope 
that you can help me. I will be very grateful to you for any possible 
help from your side and I promise I will return it back to you when it 
will be possible. 

I would also be very pleased to send you a beautiful painting which I 
made myself in a gratitude for your help.

I hope to hear from you soon and I send you best wishes from Russia,


P.S. I write you this message from our University and you can write me 
back to my free e-mail olgabash@mailrus.ru

Dezember 2006

Dear Friend:

My name Olga. I'm 24 years old and I live in small Russian town and study 
in faculty of elementary education, in the pedagogical University. 

I live with my mother, sister and her small daughter. My father does not 
live with us. The daugher of my sister has serious illness and disabled 
since birth. My sister takes care of her all the time and she cannot work 
because of that.

Two weeks ago my mother lost her job due to her age. I work after the 
studies, but manager delay my small salary for several months already 
and we have no money to pay for our room.

I'm afraid that the owner of the room is going to evict us after the 
New Year. In this case we will become homeless and will be doomed to 
starvation and death.

My classmate he helped to me find some addresses in Internet and send 
you this message from library in University. We can use computers for 
free in our University.

We will be very grateful to you if you can help us with 4 sleeping bags, 
any old warm clothes, any tent and other things which give warm when we 
become homeless.

Please let me know if you can help and I will write you our postal address.

I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Olga, November 2008

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