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Date:      19 Nov 2000 2:12:24 +0300
Subject:   PLEASE HELP
From:      "Valentin" <valentin@userline.ru>

Dear Friends,

Please excuse me for any inconvenience caused by this message.

My name is Valentin. I am 18 years old. I live with my family in the
city of Kaluga, Russia. It is located 200km south from the city of
Moscow. I grew up without a father. He left when I was two-years-old.
My mother was forced to take care of me without the father. She
worked at two places at once in order to earn the necessary money to
pay fees at schools where I was studing.

Now my mother became an invalid because she lost her health and sight
working on the heavy works. She receives a pension very rare from the
government which is not enough even for supporting our lives.

I have graduated two schools - an educational school and a music
school. I'm very thankful to my mother for her efforts, because my
education allows me to play piano quite well and speak English.

Now I take care of my family alone. My grandfather does not receive
pension, too. Some months ago he wanted to sell his blood in order to
buy some food, but I stoped him because I'm sure that I should sell
my blood instead of him. I'm a young man and selling of blood will
cause not so big damage to my health than the damage to the old
organism of my grandfather. I sell my blood every month, because now
it is the only way of getting some money for my family. But this
small money is not enough.

The only chance we have to survive is to use free public access
to the internet to appeal to you directly for help: we desperately
need food, warm clothing or money so that we could buy the things of
primary necessity here.

If you have very old clothes from your grandfathers,
great-grandmothers, great-grandfathers, etc. which you are not using
anymore, as well as anything that is possible to eat, we would be
very happy if you could send it to our home address is:

Valentin Mikhaylin
Ryleeva Street, 6-45
Kaluga. 248030

If you think it is better to send a little money, please write back
and I will give you details on the best way of sending it safely. It
is a very good way to help, because of the current crisis prices in
Russia are much lower than in the West .

I hope very much that this request for help will be the only from my
side, because our politicians promise to change the situation in our
country to the better side during the spring of 2001 year and I
piously and sincerely believe in it.

I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New 2001 Year. I pray the
Lord keeps his hand on you.

God Bless,

Valentin and my family
Kaluga. Russia.
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